When are the vaccines coming?

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Twinkling with Ninfa R. Leonardia

          Floods and vaccines – those are what the whole world is talking about these days. COVID itself seems to have taken a back seat in the talks among people everywhere. Yesterday, reports were focused on the various tests on the vaccines being introduced against the still mysterious ailment China has shared with the world. Because no matter how its people may resent the attribution, the truth is that the virus did come from a Chinese city called Wuhan but how  it managed to reach so many parts of the universe is what still remains a mystery.


          In Bacolod City, people are still regretting missing their annual festival called the “MassKara”, but a sense of humor is needed to realize that, actually, we are having several months of mask-wearing which are not likely to end soon. While only performers in the street revelries wore masks before, today, everybody is complying, especially in this city, when failure or resistance to wearing them could get one arrested! I haven’t got any figures though, on the number of those nabbed for not wearing them. Just like parents chastising their children for some offenses, the arresting cops must be telling the violators, “This is for your own good!” And, really, the world-noted expert on COVID, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has been quoted as saying that masks are responsible for 94 percent of the population not hit by the virus. So what’s a little inconvenience compared to the risks of breathing in the deadly coronavirus? Let’s be grateful that this little bit of gauze can spell the difference between wellness and infection.


          It is gratifying to note, though, that our people still consider education a priority in these times, Bacolod City has reported a 98.4 percent enrollment for this late schoolyear, which means that, despite the threat of the COVID, parents and education officials still decided to go on with the education of the youth. I hope, though that proper precautions will be made mandatory for both students and teachers. We cannot be too careful with this newly discovered virus that managed to spread its venom so far and wide, and so deadly, too.


          What a time for the President and the Vice President of our country to be at odds with each other! I cannot recall  now what Vice President Leni Robredo had said or done that made  President Duterte so mad at her. I’m glad , however, that, ever the lady, Madame Robredo did not play tit for tat, and mildly explained that she was only trying to help. I don’t think she intended to upstage him, but the President must be in bad humor these days with all the problems he has to tackle. But if Madame Robredo, as his Vice President, was trying to do her bit in helping people in the ravaged areas, why would he resent it? I doubt if Robredo wishes to become president in a time like this.


          And I’m sure many agree with the VP when she said that RD was being  “unpresidential”. They may also say he was being ungentlemany. Is he really feeling threatened by VP Robredo? No wonder some national writers called him “mysogynistic”. Well, the President still belongs to the era of the macho men who think women’s place is only in the kitchen. Where has he been all this time when women have ventured away from the  dominance of men and have been showing their guts? Ha. Such men should be reminded how Adam lost Paradise because of a woman.


          In the United States, the outgoing President, Donald Trump, has been showing the world how a poor loser behaves. Not only has he been filing protests, he is also firing those in government he must suspect of not backing him. Well, what had he done during his term that could have meritted reelection? The biggest issue then was the COVID, and what steps had he taken to hasten its conquest? Fortunately the cases he had been filing are being dismissed one after the other, so it’s time for him to back up and get ready to leave the White House now.


          So the Philippines has found a source for the supply of a vaccine for the coronavirus. That was according to Malacañang’s Harry Roque. Is he sure, though, that the one we get is truly effective? So far, I understand there are only two types that have been considered effective. But can we afford them, and be able to get enough for our entire population? And can we get them soonest? I hear the two are from the drug companies Pfizer and Moderna. Which will be affordable to our country? Let’s cross our fingers and pray.*


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December 2020

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