What the quarantine exposes

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In a sense, we have to be thankful for this quarantine time since it actually can act like a reagent that would expose to us the stuff we are made of and of what and how we are making out of that stuff.

Yes, it can give us a good picture of our real self, the real lay of the land of our life, the actual condition and state of our mind and heart. It can show us where our strengths are, as well as our weaknesses. At least, we would be given some ideas of what to do with them.

Many of us may have been caught completely unprepared for this contingency. In which case, the lesson to learn is to acquire the readiness of the Boy Scouts for any eventuality, especially the emergency ones.

Of course, more than materially prepared, we should be spiritually prepared. Our mind and heart should be properly animated by our Christian faith, hope and charity so that whatever happens, we know that we are always in God’s hands and that everything would just work out for the good. (cfr. Rom 8,28)

When we notice that we are more dominated by fears, doubts, worries and anxieties, than by a sense of confidence and calm, then let us rev up our faith and hope. God takes care of everything. Remember Christ telling his disciples many times, “Do not be afraid.” These words should always ring out in our ears. We really have no reason to fear, to worry and to be sad.

We may have to spend more time and effort in praying and in truly engaging God in a filial conversation full of trust. Perhaps, this is what is lacking in us. Our life of piety is not that strong and consistent yet. Our relation with God is still very tenuous.

Whatever weaknesses in ourselves that we can notice these days, let us learn to convert them into an occasion to craft the pertinent virtues. Let’s develop the appropriate attitudes and practices. Now is the time to put our spiritual house in order!

Maybe it may just be a matter of saying some aspirations to calm down our disturbed emotions. Or it could be to focus more on the many urgent tasks that for sure we will never run out, since these days are quite different from the ones we are used to. Our life these days is quite upended. The challenge is how to make good use of our time, observing the proper priorities.

We may also have to strengthen our will to detach ourselves from certain things that we enjoyed during the old normal, since these would keep us unable to properly, let alone, promptly correspond to the new demands of the times.

The quarantine actually gives us new opportunities for learning. If we are not good in things of the kitchen, perhaps now is the time to learn something, like cooking, baking or washing dishes and doing laundry.

If we have been a pygmy in the new technologies, now would be a good time to explore the many possibilities to level up. If we have been using the basic apps so far, perhaps we can try the newer and more sophisticated and powerful ones.

If we have been limiting our circle of friends to those whom we meet usually in the old normal or to the locals, now is the time to go global. Of course, we have to practice prudence and caution always, which are also virtues that we need to adapt to the new circumstances.

Never forget what Christ told us about the naked reality of our earthly life. We will always have troubles here, but he assured us to stay calm since he has overcome them. (cfr. Jn 16,33) He also told us that we are actually thrown into a world of wolves, but he advised that we be clever like serpents while remaining simple like doves. (cfr. Mt 10,16)*


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