The language of Donald and Digong

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Although he is not our president, the first thing I did upon waking up yesterday was to turn on the TV to find out the condition of U.S. President Donald Trump. Somehow, I felt relieved to know that he was doing well. Just imagine the repercussions on world politics if he had succumbed to the coronavirus that everybody knows had been China’s gift to the world! Well, the media may have described him to be “obese, advanced in years (74) and with a heart condition”, but the guy is tougher than they thought.


I hope what happened to their president will prod and inspire more American scientists and medical experts to work harder to find a vaccine, at least, if not a cure, right now, for this wicked virus that must be the longest lasting pandemic to hit mankind. I am sure that is not impossible, because, think of how other killers like smallpox, tuberculosis, and even rabies had been countered. And one of the things I keep praying for is that it will be a Filipino who will discover it. That is not impossible, is it?


Now that he seems to be recovering, maybe we can make jokes about the American president who was reported earlier to have refused to be brought to the hospital when his COVID 19 test turned out positive. A typical macho type, he must have been annoyed to know how the U.S. media kept on harking about the fact that he was already 74, obese, and with a heart condition! Of course, his plans for reelection would be affected by the realization of voters that he was elderly, not quite fit, and worse, fat! That must be why the latest reports said that he had initially refused to be hospitalized.


I was amused, though, when, from the hospital he was still able to do something to assure his constituents that he was not dying. TV reported him as tweeting them with “DOING WELL, THANKS, LOVE”. Ah, that message, corny as it may have sounded to cynics, must have touched millions of voters’ hearts! Imagine, a president thinking of that, instead of just letting his staff issue a bulletin! Don’t pass this on to President Duterte, but can you imagine him doing that? I bet he would have ended his with one of his favorite cuss words! Otherwise it may not sound like him.


Now they think of it. I am referring to the news that New York has announced that there will be fines for people who are not wearing masks, especially in public. Had they thought of that earlier, they might not have captured the title of the state with the most number of COVID cases. There may have been a lot of cases in Bacolod, but imagine how many more there would have been had mask-wearing not made obligatory with penalties for non-wearers? By the way, I wish we will not keep accepting LSIs because they are believed to have brought a lot of the virus to our city, but how can that be done? They are our people, too!


Some people have asked why reports have been stressing that more and more students are now enrolling in public schools than in private ones. I don’t think the reason for that is the quality of education offered because most of our private schools do offer excellent education. Perhaps it is not only economics, but practically that had made some parents decide to do that. Perhaps they are thinking that with the COVID still unconquered, schools may have to stop functioning for a while, and what about the fees they have already paid upon enrollment?


Isn’t it ironic that at a time like this when the imported from China virus is wrecking havoc in the whole world, the Philippines, not excepted, our government should be dealing with a big scandal involving the agency supposed to attend to our health needs? Now the focus is on PhilHealth that is suspected (only?) of making free with the funds it is supposed to help citizens of the country with health problems. Is it true that its officials cannot account for all the money in their keeping? I hope the President will be relentless in running after those involved.


Meanwhile, I would like to express my sympathy and condolences to the Guanzon family, children of the late Judge Sixto Guanzon who died on October 1, barely three months after his wife, Elvira, also returned to her Maker. Both admirable and talented parents who served their country and people honorably, their equally gifted children must be inconsolable. But I know how proud they had been of their children who are also achievers themselves In their professions. I would like them to know that I am praying for the souls of their beloved parents, as well as for them, because I know how proud and caring they were for each other. May the good Lord console and bless you all.*


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