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What an irony! I was alone but laughing by myself upon hearing the news that more people are allowed at casinos than at churches. Indeed, there was a report earlier that only about ten percent occupancy is allowed in churches, but no such limitation had been set for casinos. Well, we know that those who go to casinos, especially its rabid patrons, are people who love to take chances. Who knows? One may get out with a bagful of winnings! These days, however, one takes a chance on coming out with some naughty virus that he or she may share with his or her family. So, take your chance!


But one of the most encouraging reports I heard was that negotiations are now going on between our country and Russia to be able to avail of the vaccine against the COVID-19, that they have managed to produce. Is this the one that they announced before to be named the Sputnik V, after that space craft they had sent to outer space years ago? Well, whatever its name is, it will be very welcome, as it may save lives by the thousands or even millions if it does work. However, I am also concerned about the fact that it is called a “vaccine” and we have not yet heard of what could be a “cure”.

As children, we were vaccinated against childhood diseases, and I can still remember the wails and screams of our schoolmates when vaccination days came. As I recall, though, my sister and brothers were exempted from them because our father did not want us to be among the mass vaccination objects, and had informed school authorities about his objections. I also remember how many quarrels took place because some naughty ones would sneak behind those vaccinated and grab their arms, right in the place where the shots were done! Does that kind of mass vaccinations still on in schools, or are the parents themselves the ones responsible for it?

There seems to be some good news about the virus lately. Reports have been stressing that cases have slowed down a bit lately and with the adoption of the vaccine that three countries are said to be producing, things are indeed looking up. But note that what is being touted as hopeful is a vaccine, we have not yet heard of a cure. Vaccines may prevent one from infection, but what about those already stricken? By the way, is it true that those who have undergone flu and pneumonia vaccines are protected by the COVID? I recall that there were mass vaccinations in the city about a year ago. Maybe we should check if the COVID positive ones had undergone such vaccinations to confirm whether flu and pneumonia shots work on it.

What could be the reason why in the United States, black people, Latinos and native Americans – does that refer to those with Indian ancestors? – are the most hard hit by the COVID-19? Could it be something in their bloodline, or just plain lack of attention to warnings and precautions against infection? As everyone must have noted in TV scenes on incidents happening there, a lot of people still do not observe the very simple precaution of wearing masks. Shots taken of protesting groups show that, and who knows how many among them are already infected and can pass on their virus to others?

We had a three-day lockdown in our city lately. I wonder if statistics have been noted about infection rates, and if it had actually slowed down the transfers of the virus? But it is heartening to see that our citizens are consistent in the wearing of masks most of them coupled with face shields, too, even when they are with people whom they know be “safe”. Because who knows? It is frightening enough that no cure has been announced yet, what more with the warning being repeated over and over that one could get the virus from door knobs, handrails, even from telephones! Don’t mind those who may call you paranoid, as the saying goes, “The life you save may be your own”.

Meanwhile, perhaps the Americans are somewhat distracted from the COVID because of their coming elections. The contenders are an incumbent, Donald Trump, and a former vice president, Joe Biden, who, as recent polls have shown, has a very good chance of easing Trump out of the White House. The last one I noted showed Biden with 51 percent and Trump with 45 percent. But it’s early days yet, and the winds can change. I wonder how the American voters are reacting to Trump’s call for “mail in” voting, i.e. sending ballots by mail. The. U.S. Attorney-General, William Barr, describes that as “playing with fire”.

Have you weighed yourself lately? Are you sure you are not among the folks diagnosed with obesity? CNN reports focused on it recently and warned against diseases it may cause. I’m afraid some people, especially during these “stay home days” may be eating too much and gaining weight. Even children whose diets and cravings for sweets and fatty fare cane develop diabetes if they are obese. The item also warns of psychological effects of obesity in kids. Before fat babies and kids were considered cute. Don’t believe that now!*


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