Who will produce the vaccine?

At the moment this is being written a wildfire of unbelievable magnitude is sweeping through a large part of California with thousands of the country’s fireman seeming helpless to stop it, as it rages through forests and other areas mercilessly. And, according to the news reports on it, some of them were caused, not accidentally in homes or factories, but by lightning strikes! This seems to prove again that when Nature causes calamities or incidents like this wildfire in California, man is practically helpless in controlling or stopping it!


Why suspension only?

At least the Americans have something to distract them from the coronavirus attack that has afflicted thousands of their people and has not yet been controlled until now, anywhere in the world. And that is their coming election that will take place in less than three months, where the incumbent is poised to run again to continue his administration that has disappointed many. From what we hear or see on TV about the election climate there, it looks as if Donald Trump has no chance of getting chosen again, but one cannot dismiss him, being the incumbent.


A plug for Aunt Jemima

If you have been following on TV events in the United States, you, like me, will be likely to conclude that it is not Joe Biden who will beat Donald Trump in the elections in November. No, not Biden, nor any other possible candidate, but he himself will bring on his doom. How? because of the dissatisfaction of his people on the way he has been responding to the pandemic that has apparently hit his country worse than any other major ones in the world. Have you ever noted, how he has barely been quoted on the subject, despite the fatality rate his country has marked up?


Some good things about curfew

The old folks used to say that nothing happens that does not bring some good. In our generation, I would say that, as wicked as this Coronavirus has been – to the entire world ― the one good thing it has brought is that it has made people more mindful and obedient to rules. Would you have thought how, in pre-COVID days, you could make crowds disperse, or observe distancing, or even wear masks all day long, had it not been for this pandemic? It is true that in some local government units, especially Bacolod, non-wearing of the protective device is considered an infraction, but everybody agrees that it is for their own good.


Virus na, hostilities pa

How can the world attain peace among all the nations belonging to it when signs of reconciliation and understanding between some rouse enmity in others? The latest reports say that Israel and the United Arab Republic have come to friendly terms. But before the entire world even learned about it and rejoice over it, news also came out that Palestine is displeased by the development, and what this displeasure could lead to is something that may not ensure improved relationships among them.


WFH – the new normal?

I am glad that officials, even the non-medical ones, are now emphasizing the use of masks, even in places where no sanctions have been prescribed for violators. Bacolod, at least, had earlier issued orders requiring their use, and even prescribed penalties for violators. And now it has also become a requirement, not only to wear masks, but to wear face shields as well. Don’t complain about the requirements – the life you save from the COVID may be your own!


PhilHealth not healthy?

She looks more white than black, but that’s what compromise is all about, isn’t it? We are talking about Kamala Harris, the supposedly black woman picked by Joe Biden to be his running mate for the presidency in the November elections of the United States. And the fact that she is good-looking, too, is another factor that makes her a most likely first colored woman to be included in a presidential ticket. Wise ole Biden certainly made the right move, and who cares if there are some Fil-Ams who say that he is “uli-anin”, or rather senile, in our language?


A mask as fashion statement?

Who else thinks it is a “moral duty” to reopen schools despite the unabating surge of this pandemic? Well, the pronouncement came from the Prime Minister of Great Britain, who obviously believes that learning is more important than lives. I admit I don’t know much about the statistics as far as the coronavirus attack is concerned in Great Britain, but for sure they are not a number to sniff at. What about the parents and school officials, will they agree that it is also their “moral duty”?


People Power is the key

If a survey were to be taken today on parents and teachers as to whether they are in favor of opening classes this month, what do you think the responses would be? My own feeling is that a majority would opt for a postponement. Especially if they have heard the reports that in Israel, where the authorities decided on opening classes, COVID-19 cases immediately surged. And it is not true, as originally believed, that younger people are less likely to be infected. Cases involving teenagers and younger people have already been reported. So what’s the hurry?


God blesses the Philippines

What a strange coincidence it was yesterday that just when old song hits were being played on TV, the mellow voice of Perry Como crooning “It’s Impossible” came on! Was that a prophecy, or the TV host just happened to come upon the old record? I stayed on the program for a few minutes more, and then Jerry Vale came on, warbling “Go, chase a moon beam”. I hope he was not singing it for the people working to find a cure, or at least a vaccine for this mysterious virus that China has distributed worldwide.

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