That is no longer cute

What an irony! I was alone but laughing by myself upon hearing the news that more people are allowed at casinos than at churches. Indeed, there was a report earlier that only about ten percent occupancy is allowed in churches, but no such limitation had been set for casinos. Well, we know that those who go to casinos, especially its rabid patrons, are people who love to take chances. Who knows? One may get out with a bagful of winnings! These days, however, one takes a chance on coming out with some naughty virus that he or she may share with his or her family. So, take your chance!


Challenge for Trump: COVID and racism

I laughed out loud when I saw a letter from a reader describing me and Carla as “brave and smart”! Well, it was actually a big shot in our arms and almost made us forget the terrible days of worry and anxiety over the fate of the DAILY STAR at the onset of this pandemic that had thrown the entire world into panic. I think desperate and hopeless would have been the right words to describe us, but since I always have a very strong faith in prayer, knowing that it was the main thing that had kept us going all those 38, going on 39 years, so I knew that the Good Lord would not abandon us this time. But we still continue praying for His guidance that He has never failed us.


Marcos and Trump – same feathers?

Does anybody still remember the “September Song”? That used to be a popular hit years ago but was often revived everytime September came around. I am not sure I can still remember the entire lyrics, but it had a very wistful beginning that said “Oh, it’s a long, long time, from May to December. But the days grow shorter. When we reach September…” Ah, I know some people will remember and continue to sing that because September is now here, and soon it will be December.


God bless the Philippines!

Did I hear it right? Did a hospital in Ohio, U.S.A. really discover a cure for the coronavirus infection? The report identified the medicine as the Catalopram tablet, but after its announcement the other day, nothing more was reported on it. Let us all hope and pray that relief is on the way, and that all those studies and experiments going on for a vaccine will be successful. In the meantime let us continue observing all the precautions being issued to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.


Who are in the firing line?

BOOM! That will not be the sound of thunder or of drums, but an undetermined increase in the population of our country in the last months of 2020 and the early ones of 2021. Why? Well, you won’t be wrong if you blame the COVIC pandemic, as it could be said to be responsible in some way. I don’t think we need details on how that will happen, but some wags blame our Health authorities for insisting on the “Stay Home” program that must have led to it. And don’t ask me for further information about it, I have absolutely nothing credible to contribute.


No name-calling?

LOCKDOWN! Is that what someone who has been arrested and held without bail feels? But I guess few people are complaining this time, as they can always be told “This is for your own good.” Who wants to be roaming around, browsing at shops and standing by in street corners with one’s “gang” when anyone of them could be a carrier of this new and incomprehensible virus that the brightest and most famous of the world’s experts have failed to rein in yet? So let’s not be resistant, remember that this virus is not only dangerous but also very, very contagious. If you are not careful for your own self, think of your family and other loved ones you may infect!


Insect spray vs. COVID?

What is happening to the police in the United States? Now it seems as if they have become enemies rather than protectors of the people. We are not generalizing, but the number of cases where policemen are the alleged perpetrators of killings does seem to be increasing. What is their President doing about it? Is he so absorbed in his reelection strategies that he has forgotten his main mission, which is to protect, not only his country but also its people? By the way, I may have missed any reports about his reactions, or action taken again policemen involved in killings, but, what has he actually done about it?


Rody and Leni are both healthy and strong

Let us pray for the people of Texas in the U.S.A. Not only are they also threatened by this vicious virus that has been raging for several months now, they are also being warned against a hurricane named “Laura” that has led officials to advise residents to prepare for its onslaught. The government has readied shelters for those whose residences will be in its way, but they are also warned that the hurricane will leave a lot of damage. This, on top of the problems of the state over the coronavirus pandemic that has shaken the whole world.


Let it be soon, dear Lord!

Now they are talking about Mafias! And where are those Mafiosos and Mafiosas supposed to be? Right in the agency that is supposed to take care of our health and well-being. None other than the PhilHealth that apparently has been diagnosed with a disease more serious than cancer that eats through one’s flesh and innards, and has been diagnosed as an incurable corruption. Who can blame the President for being fighting mad? Will heads really roll and land in the country’s jails?


Hold on to your sanity!

What is happening to our country! I forget now who originally said that, but it is now a question Filipinos should be asking. This occurred to me when I heard the news that the government is trying to hire more psychiatrists and psychologists to deal with the mental disturbances that have been attacking our people. Indeed, one cannot blame those who lose their wits while trying to cope with all the abnormal circumstances we are facing now, like this vicious pandemic that continues to puzzle the best and brightest medical doctors and scientists of the world.

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