What is China hiding?

How healthy is our country? The thought occurred after hearing all those reports about the alleged scandals supposedly unearthed right in the Department of Health itself. Now there is even talk about a “Mafia” existing in that department involving its highest officials. I hope the President gets hopping mad at that and, not only send those guilty packing, but also make sure that they are sent where they can have all the time to repent for their sins. If proven to be true, those involved have committed sins that cry to heaven for vengeance, because the thievery must havedeprived thousands of people, citizens of the country, who deserve its protection, of what the law provided for them.


Why are Hongkongers fleeing?

Why is the U.S. burning? As of yesterday, reports were focusing on several areas, especially in the West Coast. Well, their President has already found someone, rather, an agency, to blame for it. He said it was poor forest management that had caused them. So will we hear of heads rolling after an investigation? And while the West is burning, hurricanes are drowning the gulf Coast and one of them has been given the name Sally. Were all the others Sally’s sisters, too?


My Story

“What do you wash your face with? It looks so fresh.” And the reply was, “I wash it with clear water, God does the rest”.


What to ask Jesus for Christmas

I would be the least surprised if the American people are thinking of initiating a move to impeach their President, Donald Trump. After hearing confirmation of the report that he had known about the impending pandemic, but had kept the information virtually under wraps because he wanted to “downplay” its seriousness and not alarm the people, what else could be his people thinking now that his withholding of such dangerous threat be forgiven? Who can’t agree with his potential opponent, Joe Biden, when he said it was a “crime” to withhold such a horrible information that has now decimated their population by the thousands?


Why the U.S. is the worst hit

It’s an ill wind that blows no good, indeed, as the old saying goes. We are all stressed and worried about the progress of the COVID pandemic, not only in a few countries, but virtually worldwide. But it seems people are getting more prayerful and thoughtful of each other. I say this because, all of a sudden, I began hearing from old friends, not only within the country, but also abroad, showing their concern and assuring us of their prayers. What could I do but respond that I am praying for them, too?


Smells like hell, tastes like heaven?

Is swab testing a safeguard or a transmitter of the COVID virus? Indeed, it can determine whether a person has been infected or not, but is it true that some cases popped up involving people who had just been swabbed and found negative, and positive a few days later. I think that is the reason why a lot of workers I know refuse to undergo swab tests. Their fear is that they would be among persons lining up for swabbing who may already be carrying the virus. I think we should understand why some people are getting paranoid these days, but this disease is nothing to be taken lightly.


The vaccine race is on

What does it mean when they say that the judge threw the book at you? As I know it, the idiom translates to your conviction. In the case of the United States election and their incumbent president who is running for reelection, it is no longer just an idiomatic expression, it is literally happening. This is because several books have come out about him that are not at all complimentary or contributory to a sure victory. I heard about eight books have already been published, or in the works, that could give the votes to his opponent, Joe Biden.


Is Trump the Kremlin’s boy?

Is it true? Are the reports we hear about the “flattening of the curve” indicative of a slowing down of the coronavirus infections in our country? That could be an answer to all our prayers, but I wish we are furnished with statistics that have led our medical people to declare such flattening. If it is also true that a similar finding has been noted in other countries, then, Thank God, this could mean relief from this virus that China has brought upon the world.


The WFH advantage

There oughtta be a law! That was the title of a comic strip that used to appear in some daily newspapers years ago. What I believe we should have is a law that would hasten its decisions on cases brought to them is the Commission on Audit after a news report announced that it had cleared officials of a case that had been pending with it for eight long years! Can you imagine the anxiety and the sleepless nights of those involved, knowing that they are not guilty, but because false charges filed by their political opponents have kept them worrying all those years?


Is it really Blue Hawaii now?

News about businesses closing do not shock us anymore these days, because reports from all over the world have been focusing on them. And it is not only the big ones that suffer the most, even the small “tiendas” and market vendors are sighing over the loss of their clientele. Some are enterprising enough to find other means of income, but others just become helpless and wait for government to help them. One cannot help worrying and wondering how much funds our government coffers are keeping, and how long it can continue helping those who cannot, or do not try to help themselves.

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