Bowing out

“You can’t win every battle. Sometimes victory comes in form of bowing out gracefully.” – Toni Payne


And the Lord won

It was a weeklong circus that ended with the installation of Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco as the new Speaker of the House, replacing Alan Peter Cayetano.


Human error

A public post of Jonathan Espinosa went viral after it was shared in the news line-up of Digicast Negros over the weekend. He is an LSI who reportedly tested negative and was sent home. That homecoming was short lived though, after he was informed belatedly that he was after all positive and had to return to the quarantine facility.


Backtrack on BaCTrac

After so much hullabaloo coupled with the threat of sanction, the city government appears to be backtracking on its implementation of the Bacolod City Tracking System (BaCTrac) and now, instead of mandatory, it will be voluntary.


Final farewell for 02

Thousands were glued to the live virtual funeral mass of Gov. Freddie Marañon. Some viewed it from Hong Kong, Japan and the United States but most were locals who would have loved to bring him to his final resting place if not for the pandemic.


His memory lives on

We woke up to sad news yesterday that Governor Freddie Marañon had passed on to the next life, just before midnight Thursday.


Much ado about Facebook

I told myself days ago to endure an hour of ranting from the nation’s leader in order to hear the announcement of what our new community quarantine status will be. However, with an earlier announcement that the city government appealed to downgrade us to GCQ, it was not worth staying up late.


Are we ready for a downgrade?

In five days, maybe even less, we will know whether our quarantine status will be downgraded or not. Though I have grown tired of listening to the musings of a manic leader, I will make an effort come Monday to listen to the announcement of the NIATF.

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Iloilo, Bacolod sea travel stopped

Mayor Jerry Treñas yesterday temporarily closed the borders of Iloilo City to passengers from Bacolod City, and sea travel between the two cities will stop starting today.

Mass testing reaches 6,293

Only 6,293 of the targeted 10,000 residents in four cities and one town in Negros Occidental were swabbed for COVID-19 tests during the Timeout Weekend that ended yesterday.

When the clouds fade away

Who would ever think what lengths this coronavirus would reach in incapacitating activities worldwide? Now it is your DAILY STAR that has felt its effects. Not, thank God has it hit our wonderful staff for whom I pray with all my heart everyday, but its victim in our vicinity is the project that we have nurtured and sacrificed for so much, for more than 38 years now. It was a most painful decision to make, but this time our concern was not only our dwindling finances, but the health of our staff who have worked with us in sickness and in heath, through thick and thin.

Tackling political issues

This might be considered a political issue itself, as contentious as any other. But I believe we can gather enough consensus to come out with some common rules to guide us on how to tackle political issues properly.