Wheat among the weeds

Our gospel reading last Sunday presented the parables of the wheat field, the mustard seed and the yeast. All three images underscore the incredible dynamism of the kingdom of God which starts small and gradually grows into something large and productive. The wheat field yields a rich harvest that fills the barn, the tiny mustard seed grows into a large bush and provides shelter for the birds, and the little yeast raises the dough that turns into a loaf.

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Lakers agree to two-year deal with Marc Gasol: reports

            The Los Angeles Lakers and three-time All-Star center Marc Gasol agreed to a two-year deal, multiple outlets reported Sunday night.             The Lakers reportedly opened up cap room for Gasol by trading center JaVale McGee and a second-round draft

Kabankalan hospital reopening

The Emergency Room and Outpatient Department of the Lorenzo D. Zayco District Hospital in Kabankalan City will reopen today and the rest of the hospital on Monday, Negros Occidental Provincial Administrator Rayfrando Diaz said yesterday.


Pinoys can blown anywhere

Of course there are other reports and issues in the news today. But I am sure that for basketball fans, it didn’t matter who won the speakership of the House of Representatives. But the Los Angeles Lakers again won the championship in the 2020 series of the NBA games. I am sure the team was further inspired by the thought of their former lead man, Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash together with his young daughter earlier this year. Wherever he is now, I am sure Kobe was smiling down at his team as they trounced the Miami Heat with the score of 106-93. I can imagine him clapping his hands and calling out “Well done, Boys!”