STAR not closing, editor-in-chief says

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The Visayan DAILY STAR is not stopping operations, its editor-in-chief Ninfa Leonardia, said last night.

Leonardia issued the statement after informing the staff on Wednesday that the paper would close down.

She did not elaborate on the latest development.

Glazyl Masculino, Negros Press Club president, in a statement earlier yesterday said the NPC is saddened to hear the news about the temporary closure of the STAR.

This is a very difficult moment for the media industry, especially in this time of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the NPC statement said.

A few weeks ago, media giant ABS-CBN announced that it will cease operations after August 31 when the House Committee on Legislative Franchises did not grant its application for a new franchise, it added.

Now, we’re facing another battle of losing another media outlet, not just in Bacolod City, but also in the province of Negros Occidental, the statement said.

“At this time when media is much needed for critical and reliable information, may it be digital, print, television or radio, we are challenged by the circumstances that greatly affect journalists and other media workers, who tirelessly do their jobs amid the threat of COVID-19. Many of our colleagues will soon lose their jobs,” it added.

The impending closure of these two renowned media outlets is a great loss to the local media industry, the statement said.

“We believe this is the time to unite and keep our faith as we continue to fulfill our goal of giving the public the service it deserves,” it said.

“We may be experiencing dark skies today, but we are hopeful, and we will keep praying that these media outlets will soon rise again,” the statement said.

For its part, the Negros Press Club will extend assistance to our media colleagues in the best way we can, it added.*


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