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Spring is here!

Lady Spring has been a tease.

We have been awaiting her since spring officially begun on March 21.

But Winter just wasn’t done with us yet. He kept coming back, bringing with him stinging cold winds, snow, and hail. We would get warmer weather, in which you just need a light jacket, but a few days after the thick winter coats need to come out again.

But finally, (FINALLY!!) she is here!

Everywhere I go, trees are flowering, hardly a trace of green on their branches. Pink, white and yellow trees abound and are a feast for the eyes. The gardens we pass by are blooming with tulips, daffodils, and other flowers I don’t recognize. The countryside is lush with plants coming alive after their winter hibernation. The farmer’s field in front of our apartment has tiny green sprouts.

It is a wonderful time.

It also means that it is easier to get the kids out of the door because they need less layers.

We also get to stay outdoors longer because our fingers, ears, and noses are not freezing after half an hour.

Becca had her spring break recently. She had two weeks off from school, and the first week we hardly left the house because of blustering winds and rain. But the second week, the sun came out and we had proper spring weather.

We could finally do something outdoors.

Feeding the goats at the Tierpark*

We went to the Tierpark (zoo) here in Biel. It is a free outdoor zoo with animals endemic to Switzerland. It is not big and they have a small selection of animals, like domestic and mountain goats, deer, wild boars, owls, rabbits, chickens, groundhogs, pheasants and quails.

They also have a small playground and a big lawn to run around.

We went there three times in one week!

I have no complaints, it is free, and you only pay for pellets if you want to feed the animals, which, of course, most kids do.

We start by walking through the whole zoo, which doesn’t take long. Then they decide if they want to play in the playground, or feed the deer or the goats.

The domestic goats are their favorites! Becca already named her favorite goat, Shiny Glitter something.

When there are no more pellets, we would pick grass and dandelions to give to them. Sarah insists on feeding only her favorite goat! She would even try to give it a hug.

They could easily spend an hour outside the goat enclosure running to and fro, getting grass from me and picking dandelions and leaves to feed the goats.

Most of the goats are pregnant, so I hope to go back and see their babies. Now that both are aware that the Tierpark is only a 10-minute drive away, they will for sure ask to go back. And since it is free, why not?

On busy days like these, I need quick and easy-to-prepare meals.

These Ham and Cheese Tortilla Egg Rolls are exactly that.

I have adapted this from Nadiya Hussein, the winner of the 2015 Great British Bake Off. Majority of her recipes are quick and easy.

You may, of course, use what add-ins you like. I usually make this with whatever I find in the fridge.

Ham and cheese tortilla egg rolls*

Ingredients, per egg roll

Multiply as needed. My husband can eat 3, my little girl, probably half.

1 large egg

Salt and pepper to taste

Splash of milk

1 tbsp chopped onion

1 tbsp chopped ham

1 sun-dried tomato, chopped

1 flour tortilla

In a small bowl, crack the egg, season to taste, and add a splash of milk. Beat with a fork. Set aside.

Heat a frying pan (non-stick is best) as big as your flour tortilla over medium high heat with a bit of oil (I use the oil the sun-dried tomatoes came in).

Sauté the chopped onion then set aside.

If needed, add some oil to the pan, then pour in the egg. Swirl to cover the pan.

Quickly sprinkle the ham, sundried tomato and sauteed onion. Then, while the egg is still a bit wet, put the tortilla on top of the egg. Press down with your hands or a spatula for around 30 seconds, then flip and brown the tortilla, another 30 seconds, or a bit longer if you want it crispier.

Remove to a plate, let cool for a bit and then roll into a log. Cut in half if serving to adults, or into smaller slices for kids.*

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