Let it be soon, dear Lord!

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Now they are talking about Mafias! And where are those Mafiosos and Mafiosas supposed to be? Right in the agency that is supposed to take care of our health and well-being. None other than the PhilHealth that apparently has been diagnosed with a disease more serious than cancer that eats through one’s flesh and innards, and has been diagnosed as an incurable corruption. Who can blame the President for being fighting mad? Will heads really roll and land in the country’s jails?


What happened to the $1.25 million supposed to be coming from the World Health Organization to our country to be used in the fight against the COVID 19? Whose pockets did it land in? Now the President is said to be fighting mad because, naturally, as the leader of the country he will be accountable for it. Surely the WHO will not accept the justification that somewhere along the way to the victims, the money fell into the sea! But it was heartening to hear him declare that he will be the one to file charges against those responsible for that large scale thievery. Let’s wait and see what happens.

But it was comforting to hear him declare also that he is against the establishment of a revolutionary government, as some officials may have advised him. I wonder how much more corruption will ensue under such a system. And I am also comforted by the thought that, despite all the problems and corruption being faced by our country, no talk of Martial Law has been heard, even in whispers. That could lead to a situation worse than what we are suffering from now.

I just heard on TV a report saying that the Supreme Court has junked the TRO, or Temporary Restraining Order, against the ABS-CBN network. What does that mean? I confess to ignorance of its implications, will it be allowed to broadcast again and help in providing our people as much information not only about what is going on, but also how to cope with the problems that this pandemic has wrought upon us all? In these days of anxiety and fear over, not only our health, but also of our economic situation, we need all the information, advice and consolation media could supply us with.

Speaking of information, a lot of our loyal readers have been commiserating with the DAILY STAR for continuing to publish despite all the odds that had almost thrown us out a few weeks ago. Indeed, we admit that things are really almost impossible, and if not for the encouragement and support of the prayers and concern of both our staff and loving kin, we could have been crying “Uncle” months ago. Even now, the “touch and go” situation still exists, and we cannot assure our readers how long we can hold on.

Now what we are doing is praying for some fairy godfathers and godmothers to look into our situation and, perhaps, be touched enough to assure us of their help and support. In less than two years, the DAILY STAR will mark its 40th year, and we hope and believe that our readers and fellow citizens of this city and our two provinces appreciated these efforts and come to our aid as we founder in the sea of uncertainty as to how much longer we can hold on. At the moment all we can rely on is grit and prayer.

For us on the STAR staff, it seems incomprehensible how the world keeps turning while we are in this condition. In the United States, for instance, all their concerns seem to focus on their coming election which is still three months away. Seems even election stories and commentaries are now given more prominence than the pandemic that has also been getting a big toll on the lives of its people. And the news focuses on the candidates from the two leading parties, who are now into personal attacks and digging up of family secrets.

Meanwhile, I think that we should all continue to pray and plead with the Lord to save us from this virus that seems to have no intention of giving up until now. The World Health Organization, or WHO, has issued a statement that these infections may continue for about two more years! At the rate it is decimating the population of the world, how many will be left to see it to its end, if that prediction proves true? Again, I plead with everyone to continue praying for our protection from it, and for our medical experts to find a cure or vaccine soon. What about the Russian invention supposedly named Sputnik V? When will it be for release worldwide? Let it be soon, Dear Lord, let it be soon!*


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October 2020