Crises are a test to us

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One good and positive aspect of any crisis we may be having, like what we have these days with this COVID pandemic, is that it is actually a good occasion to see how we are as a person, a child of God, a citizen, a leader, etc.

When we are suddenly thrown into strange, unfamiliar and difficult situations, the true face of the different statuses we have come to the fore. Crises are like reagents that expose our inner self and true identity. Are we a God-believer or not? Are we a practical man or just a theoretical one? Are we brave or a coward? And many other categories can be considered.

What is clear is that we should always be vigilant and try our best to be prepared for the worst scenario that can happen to us. And the previous difficulties and crises that we have been through should always be giving us precious lessons and clear ideas of what to do and to have, and how we ought to be.

Unless it is not yet the end of our life or the end of the world, we should be collecting these lessons and come up with what is known as a go-bag which contains the bare necessities for survival during emergency situations.

To be sure, the most important kind of go-bag, one that is kept always in our heart and soul and is filled not only with material, perishable things but more especially with a vibrant faith, confident hope and burning love, should always be by our side, ready to be grabbed anytime when the need arises. This kind of go-bag is what can bring us to our ultimate and definitive home.

Obviously, this spiritual go-bag of faith, hope and charity does not exclude but rather would impel us to be ready materially also. Our experiences of the past crises should give us good ideas of what to prepare in terms of food and other basic household necessities.

If we happen to be leaders or officials in government or private companies, we should have different plans for the possible different scenarios the crises would provoke. As much as possible, we should avoid finding ourselves flat-footed when these crises come. All levels of authority should have the appropriate plans.

With our experience of this COVID pandemic, we have to learn how to meet the necessities of the people in a crisis that will take a good length of time and that would entail drastic changes in our life—with lockdowns and other restrictive measures enforced. We have to condition ourselves that this kind of crisis is going to happen with greater frequency the more so-called progress we attain in the world.

We should look into the areas where we are found wanting at the moment, like how do we give due attention to those who are most disadvantaged by these crises—the poor, the weak and sick, those who find themselves out of work all of a sudden, etc. What help and support can the leaders and other officials give? What appropriate structures and systems should be put in place?

These crises should bring out in us the many good potentials we have as a person, as a citizen, as a leader or official. They are great learning moments.*


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October 2020