Wholesome Antoinette

Women of Negros Island were always known to handle the finances of the family. When difficult times arrive, they are at the vanguard – creating and inspiring others to follow them through crisis after crisis. Now, with the Covid19 pandemic, they’re rolling up their sleeves again and leading with new and innovative businesses.


Sydney Mardi Gras

Sailing into Sydney Harbour at 4:30 a.m. is one thrilling sight with its glittering bridge looking like a rainbow in the dark of night, the shadows of the Sydney Opera House lurking like a ghost ship with its hoisted sails.


Milestone birthday in quarantine

Punta Bulata Empress Royale Miren Zayco downsized her 70th birthday from 150 guests to 5 due to the quarantine lockdown! It took her almost a year planning on celebrating this milestone year with family and friends jetting in from everywhere and bringing them to Punta Bulata Resort in Cauayan, Negros Occidental.


From Hobart to Eden

After a week into the cruise, I was enjoying our suite more than ever. There was the 24 hour room service that could serve an American style club sandwich or a juicy steak in the comfort of my bed watching the frightening numbers of Covid-19 rising globally or the spacious and airy verandah looking at the grandeur of nature while listening to the splash of the waves meditating on God’s mercy and protection.



“beadoodles” is an art account on social media created by Bea Dolloso around May of last year. It has gained 81 thousand likes in over a year.


Port Chalmers’ example for our local tourism

How I wish that our provincial and city tourism offices would take notice of these columns I’m writing during this pandemic so that they can learn a thing or two and plan ahead for the reopening of Negros Island to tourism when this purge that started from China is over.


Tender to Akaroa

Suddenly, we woke up to hand sanitizers greeting us on our way to the elevators. Also, every entrance and exit to all restaurants on board the MS NOORDAM was blocked by smiling staff all holding hand sanitizers. There were crew members nonstop wiping the door handles, elevator buttons, toilets and rails leading to the food area with decontaminants.


‘Personal unconscious’

“Personal Unconscious” ponders on the indivisible wholeness of beings and is the first solo exhibition of Faye Abantao which features an interesting mixed media collection and art installation. The basis for the title is Carl Jung’s personal unconscious that states that “everything of which I know, but of which I am not at the moment thinking”.

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PCCI wants resumption of businesses

The country’s largest business organization, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), wants the government to allow the full resumption of businesses amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Losing both elections

“To lose one parent…may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness,” wrote Oscar Wilde in his play ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ in 1895.

Westbrook positive for COVID-19

NBA star Russell Westbrook revealed yesterdayhe has tested positive for COVID-19 as the league gears up for its return in Florida later this month.