Those community pantries

I hope we didn’t open old wounds with articles in yesterday’s issue dwelling on the Don Juan sea accident  41 years ago, that had caused the loss of lives of hundreds of its passengers, some of whom had been lost



The Philippines dropped another two notches in the 2021 World Press Freedom Index drawn up by Paris-based media freedom watchdog, Reporters Without Borders (RSF). With a global score of 45.64, the country dropped to 138 out of 180 countries in



This week’s buzzword that captures the zeitgeist of the eternal and infernal lockdown that the Filipino people have been enduring for more than 400 days is “community pantry”. After the trending of the words “dolomite”, “brrrt”, and “Ivermectin”, it is


The Luneta as a hospital?

Yesterday was a day of sad memories for a lot of families in Negros Occidental and Bacolod City. It was the 41st anniversary of the tragic sinking of the plush vessel, Don Juan,  that sank on its way back to


Dreaming of resilient recovery

Access to climate finance should be a key priority for Asia Pacific nations as governments design and implement a green and resilient recovery from the pandemic, said Manila-based Asian Development Bank president Masatsugu Asakawa. Asakawa said the pandemic presents an


Avoid getting spoiled by God’s love

This is always likely to happen. We tend to be spoiled by God’s love because he is infinitely good and merciful, full of love, ready to forgive us no matter how many times we sin and no matter how ugly


When the killer is a cop

Are we becoming a “No Man’s Land”? I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard the news that U.S. President Joe Biden is advising Americans to avoid travel to the Philippines these days! And I thought they were


Asserting our rights

At least 233 professors from various colleges and universities in the Philippines have released a statement, rejecting the argument that asserting sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea “constitutes a declaration of war.” “We reject the argument that asserting our sovereignty,


Our hunger and thirst should lead us to God

We need to educate our biological or bodily functions, insofar as possible, such that they acquire a theological meaning and purpose and not just purely biological functions. If we are truly serious in our Christian duty to make ourselves “another


“Use less, Save more”

What did the men from the moon say upon arrival back on earth? I’m sorry, I have not caught any write-ups or interviews with them as to what they found and experienced there. Alas, I only have one source of

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Loyalty proves your fidelity

Some people have asked me what the difference is between loyalty and fidelity. And my ready answer has always been that there is hardly any difference between the two. They are allied to each other. One cannot be without the

Burning question

The other day, my wife was complaining about the stink coming from someone burning trash in the neighborhood, which, based on the intensity, was probably being done right beside our property. The strong, acrid smell of leaves burning had become

Not on ice-cold stone

Are things getting back to normal already? Is fear of the COVID no longer paralyzing people? These questions came to mind upon seeing or watching and hearing news that the famous thriller of Madrid, bullfighting, has resumed, and I am

P500M in fake BIR stamps confiscated

BY ADRIAN P. NEMES III More than P500 million in fake Bureau of Internal revenue stamps were recovered from a cigarette warehouse near the St. Vincent’s Home for the Aged in Brgy. Tangub, Bacolod City yesterday. Regional director Antonio Jonathan

Travel ban eyed anew

BY GILBERT P. BAYORAN The request for another travel moratorium for passengers from the National Capital Region and provinces adjacent to Negros Occidental is now being mulled, with local quarantine facilities already in critical stages. Provincial Incident Management Team head

P150M for renovation of 3 city markets

BY ADRIAN P. NEMES III About P150 million will be poured in for the renovation of the three main public markets of Bacolod, City Administrator Em Ang said yesterday. Ang said that P50 million will be allotted each for the