Are they guilty or not?

          United States President-elect Joe Biden is reportedly to name his cabinet members this week. The first to be announced is Anthony Blinken to the post of Secretary of State. No, he is not a descendant of the popular grade


Who’s singing this song?

          What is the themesong of OFWs and LSIs? I bet it is: Frank Sinatra’s hit “I’ll be home for Christmas”, because many of those who had saved for years for a homecoming this year, are frustrated and disappointed because


Shifting to renewable

The Department of Energy reported the country’s installed renewable energy capacity as having increased by 16 percent this year, underscoring the growing shift toward cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. RE capacity has reached 5,713.3 megawatts as of end-September, higher


Developing the liturgical life

        With the celebration of the Solemnity of Christ the King followed by that of the first Sunday of Advent, we are marking both the end of a liturgical year and the beginning of another one. Such celebrations should make


A vaccination program

          The World Health Organization on Tuesday stressed that it is not just the vaccine but the vaccination program that countries will put in place at will ultimately protect and save hundreds of thousands of lives.           Kate O’Brien, WHO


En garde, Leni!

“Better a blue Thanksgiving than an I.C.U. Christmas”. I failed to take down the name of the guy who said that, but he must have been a very practical one, indeed. Everybody knows how much importance Americans, especially, give to


Celebrating Christ the King

          This should be a big celebration, the culmination of all liturgical celebrations we have had for the whole liturgical year which ends precisely with the Solemnity of our Lord, Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.           The occasion should


When are the vaccines coming?

          Floods and vaccines – those are what the whole world is talking about these days. COVID itself seems to have taken a back seat in the talks among people everywhere. Yesterday, reports were focused on the various tests on


Debt service

Moody’s Investors Service expects governments and corporations that have accumulated large debts this year for pandemic programs to suffer the negative consequence of expensive payments starting next year. The scenario threatens to further deteriorate the fiscal house of Asian economies,


Going mental

Mental health awareness is one important concern that has thankfully been gaining traction, especially among the younger generation, in the years before this pandemic hit. We have slowly but surely succeeded in raising awareness and breaking the taboo and stigma

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Be polite, cops reminded

Police personnel manning border and quarantine control points in Negros and Panay were reminded to be polite and courteous at all times, especially in dealing with women and senior citizens.

Few losers accept defeat

As if our troubles were not enough worrying about this newly discovered virus that China has gifted the world, we also cannot help worrying about the very strange turns in our climate. Has it always been like this? Seems I

Seaman holds hostage ma, faces raps

A 39-year-old seaman, who held his own mother hostage Friday night in Brgy. 4, Victorias City, Negros Occidental, was arrested by the police and is now facing a string of cases, including alarm and scandal, illegal possession of firearms and illegal drugs, police chief Lt. Col. Eduardo Corpuz yesterday said.


Listen to St. Augustine

Isn’t it ironical? The Health Department is looking for workers, while at the same time the agency is being probed for what could be anomalous actions or decisions of some of its officials. Indeed, it is a great shame that some of the people our government has entrusted with very important functions of our government, are proving themselves unworthy of the trust given to them. But it seems our President has a few of his men who may be condemned by others, but still retain his trust and confidence.